The Nick Ross Orchestra "The GLENN MILLER & RAT PACK Era"

12 Mar 2022


The lights soften, the mood settles. An audience waits for that first moment of sound. The Big Band is poised, relaxed, but with eyes anxious for the lead. And then, as if giving body to an echo, the murmured notes of 'Moonlight Serenade'...and the night, it seems, is suddenly full and timeless.

There are those who watch and listen who tap a shy finger to the melodies, others who follow with a silent foot-beat, still others who murmur softly through the lyrics, and those who simply permit a fleeting smile. But common to all are memories.

Recapture the sounds of a bygone era as the Nick Ross Orchestra presents 'an unmissable evening of music and song' - the Classic Big Band Sound of the 1940s & 50s.


Friends of the Grove Theatre (available online; please enter tickets as Standard) £1.50 off

Concessions £1.50 off

Wheelchair Users (cannot be booked online; please contact Box Office) £1.50 off

*A £1 transaction fee will be added per ticket.

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Sat 12 Mar 2022




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