Our Mission

The Grove Theatre is a cultural hub for the people of Central Bedfordshire and the wider region. We provide a dynamic space for the enjoyment of a broad range of challenging, professional live entertainment and high quality cinema screenings; the encouragement of individual development through creative learning programmes for all ages; and the hosting of a diverse range of community and business events.

We believe in art that entertains; that actively encourages participation and engagement; that is fully inclusive and challenges pre-conceptions of theatre; that knocks down barriers to attendance and inspires people to enjoy what they know, and attempt something new.  We believe it is our role and the role of the arts to support both the individual and the community in enhancing their overall quality of life and mental well-being through access to entertainment, education and participation within the community. We believe that art enriches lives and everyone should have the opportunity to experience that.

We aim to:

  • Ensure the products and events we offer represent a balance across genre, topic and age.
  • Broaden the audience base for the arts through community projects and educational activities, as well as our programming.
  • Provide the opportunity for local people of all ages to engage with and participate in the arts.
  • Deliver the highest standard of service to all customers.

Our Vision

To have a reputation within the region as a hub for high quality, diverse and stimulating creative experiences.

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