The True Story of Jimi Hendrix – by his brother Leon Hendrix

Wed 6 June 7.30pm

Leon Hendrix is the younger brother of Jimi Hendrix, who was arguably the greatest rock guitarist ever to live and over Jimi’s hugely successful, yet short career, he managed to shape the future of rock guitar playing probably more than anyone.

Throughout Jimi’s career, Leon was Jimi’s companion and for the first time in the UK, he is to embark upon a theatre tour which will combine Leon performing, as part of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, an astounding band who will play all Jimi’s hits and more, as well as recalling his first-hand experiences when sharing in the recording, touring, Woodstock the legendary festival and private life of a true rock legend.

His recollections of life with his remarkable older brother will hold the audience spellbound. Not only will Leon talk openly about his life with Jimi, but in addition the audience will be given the chance to pose questions directly to Leon in a Q & A session.

Add to the above the opportunity for a ‘meet & greet’ with Leon after the show or have a ‘selfie’ with him and you have all the ingredients to make an already extraordinary evening for any lover of great rock guitar music even more spectacular being part of the Jimi Hendrix heritage.


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