Technical Specification



Stage Dimensions:      

                                                (Metric)                       (Imperial)

Stage width                           13.5m                          45’

Stage depth                          10m                             33’

Wings SL                               5-7m                           16’ 6”- 23’

Wings SR                              4-6m                           13’ 2”- 19’ 9”

Wing height                           7.5m                            24’ 9”

Proscenium height                8m                               26’ 5”

Proscenium width                 14m                             46’

Tormentor width                   10-13.5m                     33’- 45’


Get – In:

Dock door height                    6m                               19’ 9”

Dock door width                     3.5m                            11’ 6”

Scene dock height                 10m                             33’

Scene dock width                   5.5m                            18’ 2”

Scene dock depth                  12m                             39’ 7”

Flat floor get-in from car park level


Flying (full single purchase counterweight):

Number of bars                       38                                38

Length of bars                         14m                            46’ 2”

Bar centres                             200mm                        8”

Max load per bar                    500kg                         11000lb

Height to grid                         17.9m                          59’



Bars 8 & 9 are for a cinema screen.

2 bars (one SL & one SR) running up and down stage for masking.

Additional hanging positions are provided over the pit.

No fixings to be made into the stage.

Normal stage layout is black box.

There is no iron.



1 x Cyc

1 x Full black

1 x Split black (currently used as up/down wing masking, please contact technical manager)

5 x Border including house border

5 x Pair of legs

4 x Book flats



GrandMA with fader wing and riggers remote

192 x 2.5k dimmers

12 x 5k dimmers

24 x Non dim circuits

 There is a hard patch for channels 145 – 192


Lantern Stock:

Please contact technical manager regarding available stock, as below stock items may not always be available.

96 x Par Can (64s)

40 x Source 4 Profile with iris & gobo holder

48 x Fresnel with barn door

5 x Cyc Floods (4 way)

2 x RobertJuliat Oz Led Follow Spot

Assorted Lee gel

Assorted gobos

Assorted cabling



d&b Qi line array with B2 subs

Yamaha LS9 32 channel sound Desk (Analogue Tie Lines)

4 x Logic System LM12 monitors

2 x Mackie SRM450 powered speakers



1 x Tascam CD player

1 x Tascam MD player



6 x Shure SM58

4 x Shure SM57

1 x AKG D112

1 x AKG D880 (for audio description)

3 x Sennheiser e912 (floor Mics)

3 x MTR DI-3 (active DI) mono

4 x Sennheiser Radio Mics

Additional Radio Mics may be available please discuss with technical manager.

Assorted speaker cabling

Assorted mic cabling

10 x boom microphone stands


Power Supplies


Touring Dimmers:

125A TPN incoming:

2 x 16A TPN

2 x 32A TPN

2 x 63A TPN

2 x 125A TPN



63A TPN incoming:

2 x 16A SPN

1 x 32A SPN

1 x 63A SPN

1 x 63A TPN


OB Vehicles:

6 x 16A SPN

1 x 32A SPN

3 x 63A SPN

2 x 63A TPN


SM Desk

Monitor with switchable colour and B/W cameras with infra-red light source.

12 x Comm sets

2 x Dual channel belt packs

10 x Cue lights

Assorted cabling


Orchestra Pit

There is a variable sized orchestra pit with a maximum dimension of

11.5m wide x 3m front to back x 2m deep, which will loose up to 66 stalls seats.

The orchestra pit is formed by a lift which can also create an apron stage.


Mixing Position

The control room is situated at the rear of the auditorium, with sliding window.

Alternatively, 19 seats can be removed in the rear stalls for a mixing position.



20 x Lit RAT stands

1 x Lit RAT conductor stand

Mirrorball with motor

18 x Steeldeck 8 x 4 staging

Various legs (1’, 2’, 3’, 4’)

Le Maitre 6/24 pyro flash controller and pods

Grand piano (piano tuning is recharged)

Le Maitre Mini Mist smoke machine (fluid recharged)

Smoke Factory Tour Haze (fluid recharged)


Company Rooms

 Ground Floor:

4 x Principle dressing rooms, capacity 12 persons


1st Floor:

2 x Chorus dressing rooms, capacity 22 persons



2nd Floor:

Green room



Seating capacity is 780
Standing capacity is 1000 (462 of which are seated)



Please contact Technical Manager regarding availability of any technical stock, as some items may not always be available. Please ask for an up to date recharge list for items which incur an additional cost.

Technical Manager: Richard Shrubb
Phone: 01582 884 182