2019 November

Good news at the Grove Theatre!

26 November 2019

We are thrilled to highlight the extraordinary talents of Jay, who’s journey with the Grove began by playing the Artful Dodger in the summer Grove Production Project, and has led to him being cast in the role of John Darling opposite AJ Pritchard’s Peter Pan in the Christmas 2019 pantomime!

Grove Theatre Success Stories!

18 November 2019

We are delighted to highlight another Grove Theatre success story! Today it is the turn of the extremely talented Jehu, who joined us through Grove Performing Arts Academy and now attends Tring Park School for Performing Arts!

Championing success at the Grove Theatre!

12 November 2019

At the Grove Theatre, we believe in nurturing talent and championing the successes of our employees and students. Today we highlight Joshua, who joined us through the Grove Production Project and currently works on the theatre Box Office.