Highlights from Wonderland

8 April 2014

Witness the classic Lewis Carroll tale, Alice in Wonderland, brought to life on stage in a way you’ve never seen it before…panto-style! This magical production will take you on a jourmey through the humongously tiny, crazily wacky world that everyone loves, before it drops you off to finish your Easter with a smile on your face.

Starring Britain’s Got Talent finalist, Steve Hewlett, with his friend Arthur Lager as Twiddle Dum and Twiddle Dee and the legendary magician, Paul Daniels and is glamourous assistant, Debbie McGee as the King of Hearts and the White Rabbit, this year’s Easter panto will delight the whole family.

If you couldn’t get enough of Leon Craig as Sarah the Cook in Dick Whittington last Christmas, then you don’t want to miss this! After entertaining audiences across the Christmas period, Leon returns to the Grove Theatre to play his first baddie role as the Queen of Hearts.

Take a look at this short litte peek into the magical world of Wonderland, fresh from the cutting room floor:

We invite you to join us in Wonderland…