Exciting New Feature for Friends of the Grove Theatre

31 March 2017

Exciting new feature just added! A team of theatre elves have been working overnight so that you can now claim your membership discount on theatre shows when booking online. (Thanks theatre elves!)

Here’s just a few reasons why we love this new functionality:
• Increased flexibility – 1am? 7am? No bother, book any time you want.
• Book anywhere – book outdoors, book when you’re ‘powdering your nose’ or even on holiday!
• Reduced waiting time – hurray for the removal of queues!

So, how do you claim your discount online? Don’t forget to log in with the email address that is linked to your membership on our system. Click on the relevant show and add the tickets into the basket as Standard tickets. Voila! Our clever ticketing system will work its magic and will discount the correct amount of tickets where appropriate at the checkout section of our website. All discounts are subject to the terms and conditions of the membership.

Don’t worry if you’re booking more tickets than your membership offers a discount on. Simply, enter the amount of tickets that can be discount on your membership type into the basket as Standard tickets and select the appropriate ticket type for the remaining tickets.

Don’t forget that our friendly Box Office team are there to help you with your enquiries and / or booking should you wish to book in person or over the phone still.

Happy booking!